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Our Story

The Magic Story

Magic was invented by Mr. James Sterling and his brother Mr. Cliff Sterling in California in1957.  Mr. Sterling was a forward  thinker and many decades before it was popular to have organic and biodegradable cleaners, Mr. Sterling was trying to come up with a safe all purpose cleaner that he could use around his daughter and pets. 


He created Magic! An all purpose cleaner that is very tough on grease and grime yet gentle enough to clean wood and painted surfaces. 


Mr. Sterling created a company that had salesmen all over the country demonstrating this wonderful cleaner to businesses and industry.  The company became a huge success and people everywhere have been using Magic for over 50 years!


Many have tried to copy the formula that Mr. Sterling developed, but no one has ever been able to acheive the same results. 


Mr. Sterling is 98 years old now and living in California.  His daughter, Teri and her husband, David have taken the reins and are continuing with the family business. 


"We love getting phone calls from customers that have been using the product for years and years and say they wouldn't know what to do without it!"


We will continue to manufacture the product with the original formula and look forward to continuing the close relationship we have with our customers.






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