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Sterling's Magic is the best all purpose cleaner on the market!  

Sterling's Magic works on anything from carpets to automobiles. Gentle enough to use on upholstery but tough enough to clean the grease and grime in your oven or on your cars engine. 


Sterling's Magic easy to use and easy on your hands.

Family owned since 1957!


Sterling's Magic will cut your cleaning time in half and replace all other cleaners under your sink!


"Sterling's Magic is the best cleaning product I have ever used! I don't know what I would do without it!"


B. Spade

Albany, New York

Sterlings Magic is:


*   Environmentally Friendly


*   Biodegradable


*   Non-Toxic


*   Non-Abrasive


*   Non Flammable


*   Lemon Scented


*   Animal and Child Safe


Sterling´s Magic is used and trusted by these fine companies:

 * Papa John´s Pizza *  Hilton Hotels * J. C. Penny * United States Postal Service  *Various School Districts * CBS Studios * City of New York Park Service * United Auto Recovery   * 1000's of Restaurants * Kinkos * 100's of Medical offices and hospitals.....

  •                                             And Thousands More! 


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