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Directions For Using Sterling's Magic




Whenever possible use Sterling´s Magic in it original paste form.

  If you need to dilute Magic follow these instructions:  To make spray Magic, melt 2 tablespoons of Magic paste in the microwave for about 20 seconds or until liquefied.  (Magic will be extrememly hot, us caution!)  Pour the liquefied Magic into a 32oz spray bottle, fill with hot water and shake well.  It´s that simple!


SPOTS AND STAINS:  Apply paste Magic witih a damp terry cloth towel in a circular motion or short, back and forth strokes until an ultra fine foam appears.  Remove foam, (and stain) with a clean dry terry cloth towel. No rinsing is required. 

GUM, TAR, WAX, SAP: Poke several holes in gum, wax, etc. with a toothpick or fork and then apply a generous amount of Magic full strength and let stand for several minutes.  Use a damp terry clost to massage the Magic in and the loosen and lift the gum, wax, etc. out.  Repeat if necessary.  Once the gum or wax has been removed, treat any remaining stain as above.

FOR USE IN CARPET MACHINES:  Using a seven to one ration, (example: 1cup Magic to 7 cups of water.)  create enough liquid magic to fill whatever machine you are using.  No additional additiives are necessary.


FABRIC UPHOLSTERY:  Apply past Magic using a damp terry cloth towel.  Buff into a fine foam and remove with a dry terry cloth.

LEATHER, VINYL, ETC.  Apply paste Magic with a damp terry cloth towel in a circular motion and remove with a dry terry cloth towel.   No rinsing is necessary.  Do not use on untreated leather or suede.


FURNITURE/COUNTER TOPS/PANELING/CABINETS/DOORS/ETC.  An easy application of paste Magic with a damp terry cloth will remove hand oil build-up, wax build-up, grease, nicotine residue, and just plain dirt and grime from your finest wood surfaces.  Wipe off with a dry terry cloth towel.  Note:  Magic is not a wax.  After cleaning with Magic you may want to apply a furniture polish or wax to the wood surface to create shine.  Magic cleans and conditions your wood.


PAINTED OR SHINY SURFACES:  For general cleaning, mix two (2) tablespoons of melted paste Magic into a bucket of warm water and apply to the pre-moistened surface with a sponge or wet terry cloth and rinse thoroughly.  for tougher jobs such as road tar, bugs, surface rust, etc. use paste Magic full strenth with a damp terry cloth.  Use extreme caution if you use an abrasive pad on painted surfaces to avoid scratch marks.

OXIDATION:  To remove oxidation from the finish of your auto, RV, boat, etc. apply paste Magic full strength with a damp terry cloth to a cool dry surface and wipe off with a dry terry cloth.

VINYL TOPS, CANVAS AWNINGS, LAWN FURNITURE:  Appy paste Magic to the surface with a damp terry cloth towel.  Use a dry terry cloth to remove.  It may be necessary to use an abrasive pad for extra heavy soil.


HAND CLEANER:  Apply a generous amount of Magic full strength to hands.  Rub hands together and then rinse.  For heavily soiled hands, it may be necessary to use a scrub brush.  Mild irritation may occur to sensitive skin.  If irritation develops, discontinue use. 


To use Magic as an invisible glove, apply Magic like a lotion to hands and arms before working with grease, paint or other messy projects.  Let Magic dry.  After you are through with your project, rinse hands and arms with warm water.


POOLS AND SPAS:  Apply Magic with a scrubbing pad or brush directly onto the surface and rinse with water.  This will not harm the pH balance in your pool or spa water.

PRESSURE WASH:  Mix 2/3 cup Magic to 5 gallons of hot water.  Spray on and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Then spray rinse with water.


PRE-SPOTTING AND SPOT REMOVAL:  Wet the garment thoroughly with water and then apply Magic full strength, rub it in and then wash as you would normally. Do not use on Satin, velvet or any other material that is sensitive to water.  Do not use on mustard stains. As with all cleaning products, test the material before use.

LEATHER SHOES, LEATHER JACKETS, ETC. Apply Magic paste with a damp terry cloth. Work in a circular motion and remove with a dry terry cloth.  do not use on untreated leather.  As with all cleaning products, test the material before use.


TILE/MARBLE/PORCELAIN:  For everyday cleaning use the spray Magic with a damp terry cloth or damp sponge or scrubber and then rinse.  For tough stains, use Magic full strength and let sit for 10 minutes.  Use stiff brush for stubborn stains.  Rinse with warm water or dry with terry cloth towel.

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